We at TRAFFESSIONALS find traffic engineering to be an interesting vocation, and enjoy finding innovative ways of doing things when standard solutions don’t work very well or even at all.

This page gives a sample of some of the more interesting projects that staff from TRAFFESSIONALS have been involved with.

Fanshawe St / Nelson St Pedestrian and Bus Lane Project (2014/15)

TRAFFESSIONALS staff include a key member of the team that developed detailed construction plans for significant changes to the Fanshawe Street / Nelson Street, one of the busiest and most high profile intersections in the Auckland Central Business District which experiences over 50,000 vehicles per day.  At the behest of Auckland Transport, involvement was from inception and … Continue reading Fanshawe St / Nelson St Pedestrian and Bus Lane Project (2014/15)

NZ Transport Agency Research (2005 – 2012)

TRAFFESSIONALS staff made significant contribution toward three New Zealand Transport Agency research projects since 2005 – the common thread being an interest in roundabouts, and in particular catering for cyclists and pedestrians at them.  The reports are:  Research Report 287 ‘Improved Multi-lane Roundabout Designs for Cyclists’, Research Report 476 ‘Improved Multi-lane Roundabout Designs for Urban Areas’, … Continue reading NZ Transport Agency Research (2005 – 2012)

Ramp Metering Design & Build (2006)

TRAFFESSIONALS staff were involved in a submitted tender for the NZ Transport Agency design & build contract for ramp metering on Aucklands Northwestern motorway in 2006.  This work involved a first-principles analysis of the hardware and operating procedures, communications with United States practitioners, and an alternative tender proposal for unmarked dual-lane operation that would have reduced construction … Continue reading Ramp Metering Design & Build (2006)

Road Safety Projects

TRAFFESSIONALS staff have been involved with traffic safety work since 1993, with extensive experience with safety audits, peer reviews, crash blackspot studies, route studies, and all sorts of safety improvement projects from preliminary investigations through to detail design, from low speed urban to high speed rural highway and motorway environments. Practical measures to improve safety in urban areas … Continue reading Road Safety Projects


We at TRAFFESSIONALS think ROUNDABOUTS are one of the best engineering examples of where ART meets SCIENCE.  Some of our more interesting designs include: EDSEL STREET / VITASOVICH AVENUE (2010) This dual-lane compact roundabout is located between two large shopping centres in the Henderson town centre in Auckland, and is a form of Compact Urban Roundabout with … Continue reading Roundabouts

Around New Zealand

GISBORNE ROUNDABOUTS AND SAFETY REVIEW (2012) TRAFFESSIONALS staff were engaged by Gisborne District Council in 2012 to review all 21 of their urban roundabouts for potential safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.  A report was presented that included recommendations for two new dual-lane C-Roundabouts (Cyclist-Roundabouts) as well as  several modifications to existing single-lane roundabouts.  The report was … Continue reading Around New Zealand