Fanshawe St / Nelson St Pedestrian and Bus Lane Project (2014/15)

TRAFFSystem.Windows.Documents.FixedDocumentSequenceESSIONALS staff include a key member of the team that developed detailed construction plans for significant changes to the Fanshawe Street / Nelson Street, one of the busiest and most high profile intersections in the Auckland Central Business District which experiences over 50,000 vehicles per day.  At the behest of Auckland Transport, involvement was from inception and included origin-destination pedestrian surveys, traffic modelling analysis with signal phasing evaluation, consultation with numerous affected parties, and CAD detail design.  Construction plans included traffic signal layouts, vehicle path analysis, and a comprehensive road marking plan at the intersection.

December 18th Plan CONSTRUCTION 1

The main objectives were to improve bus lane operations, install additional signalised pedestrian crossing signals at three of the five approach roads which did not have existing facilities, and cater for future signalised crossings.  The challenge was to do this in such a way that did not adversely increase delays for other vehicle traffic, which was not an easy task due to the number of stakeholders involved with often conflicting priorities.  In October 2014 a scheme was put forward that well met these objectives, and from early 2015 when constructed was an appreciated improvement to the Downtown area.